Nomades Kultur represents internationally known artists. Based on a community of artists, Nomades Kultur has evolved since 1999, when it was created. It is  now specialised in Mediterranean music and more precisely Flamenco.

The Nomades Kultur’sphilosophy

The ‘Nomades’ spirit culture unfolds as such: it is constantly moving, seaking for new sounds, new talents, new musical experiences which are the source of our cultural enrichment. Nomads Kultur artists embody this cultural crossroads : between tradition and modernity.

The NomadesAesthetics

The ‘Nomades’ spirit artists are faithful to their roots and do not hesitate to adventure themselves beyond their musical frontiers as to enrich their culture while conjugating it with other aesthetics such as jazz, classical…

Our activities

Nomades Kultur has diversified its activities in order to create a true cultural offer :

  • Artists’ management (Juan Carmona)
  • Tours/Production of gigs
  • Artistic direction of the Festival  « Les Nuits Flamencas »
  • Masterclass
  • Record label
  • The artist’ incubator (annual competition among artists)
  • Consulting
  • Administrative training