Information sessions


With the appearence of new regulations, entrepreneurs have often difficulties in selecting information. They collide with numerous legal arsenal and end up facing an « artistic uncertainty ».
The goal of these sessions is to bring knowledge and skills in order to acquire an overall portrait of the industry.
Public concerned Artist, administrator, association director, manager, production assistant, booking agent…
Maximum of 12 participants per session.

Educational approach

Reminder of the key legal texts illustrated by practicle examples with the support of work documents handed out to the participant (administrative forms, models of contrats, decree…) and pratical cases. The classes are buit on an interactive mode (Q&A, debate).


Cendryne ROE

  • Director of Nomades Kultur
    • Manager (Juan Carmona)
      • Workshops at IRMA , les Formations d’Issoudun, CAGEC, ACT, Nanterre University…
        • Author of the book « La circulation des Spectacles – Guide pratique de la diffusion internationale du spectacle vivant et de la mobilité des artistes » (2nd edition : oct 2014).


        ARCADE /IRMA /Conseil Général 04 /Palais des Festivals de Cannes / AMI

        Download the programm of the information sessions

        Development and environment of the artist

        • Artist partner’s : agent, producer, label, medias, Sacem
        • Project supports and sponsorship
        • Manager’s role
        • The artist’s rights (intermittency, copyright, and related)
        • Booking network
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        Objectives : Developing booking strategies, to set out arguments on an artistic project

        Programm : Booking and prospection approach. Define a booking strategy / Knowledge of different network and the programming cycles / Set up of different booking tools (press kit, technical rider, defining fee of performance etc.) / Negotiation simulation / Tools analysis of the participants

        Le + : Role play / practical case

        Public concerned Booking Agent, artists, bookers, etc.

        February 25th, 2016


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        Entertainment industry employement

        • Social duty of the employer : licences, immatriculation aux caisses sociales, conventions collective agreement, register to be kept, payment mechanism : DUE, pay-slip, AEM, congés spectacle, etc., work contract, functionning of Guso, end of the year administration (DADSU).
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        Employment contract for live performing workers

        • Live performing regulation : licence sheme of live performing workers, presumption of salaried status, collective agreement
          • Analysis of contracts : essential article, obligations of the parties
            • Contract of engagement, assignment of his right of exploitation, coproduction, collective representation
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            Foreign performance artists and international tour

            Objectives : In the idea of a globalization of artistic exchanges, exclusive in France the aim of this module is to clarify the «artistic blur » around the international regulatory framework (Import/export). It refers to the book «La circulation internationale du spectacle» published by IRMA (Author : Cendryne Roé).

            Programm : Worldwide artist circulation des artistes dans le monde and mobility : Visas, work permit, social protection and social contribution (A1 and certificate of temporary employment abroad) / Social duties payment / International live performing contracts (specific articles) / Taxation (Withholding tax, TVA) / Take in charge foreing artists in France.

            The + : Training module hosted by the book’s author

            Public concerned : Administrators, production assistant, artist with an international project.

            1 day April 21 2016


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            Performance and tour production

            • le rôle du chargé(e) de production.
              • The role of production assistant.
              • les différents aspects de la production :
              • logistics and hospitality : accomodation, transportations, road book
              • administrative : follow-up of the contrats, invoice, artist employment, SACEM…
              • relationship with organizers
              • finances : budget management
              • role of the tour manager
              • post production
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              Location of the Information sessions

              Creacti, Bat A 58 avenue des Caniers – ZI les Paluds
              13400 Aubagne (Parking gratuit)

              Possibility of externaling our sessions in your enterprises